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Path to 2265 aims to provide a historical background on Earth and Federation ships and the period they operated in. You will see a growing written narrative and my perspective on the history of Earth (and eventually Federation) starships of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd centuries. This website is fan fiction, and it does not represent the intentions of "the powers that be" (TPTB). Most of this website's content is conjectural, and also may conflict with established canon events.


Everything written within the History and Ships sections is from the perspective of the year late-2265, the first year of Captain James T. Kirk's five-year mission aboard USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

Designing, developing, and testing the website

The design of the website is mainly influenced from my previous attempts at web development, but with a complete mobile-first twist. The website is designed to give a Star Trek feel without compromising on professionalism. Everything is designed to be readable first, with hints of LCARs and other Star Trek cues second.

Compliance is ensured on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera versions (both Windows desktop and Android mobile versions) within the last two years. By the end of 2017, I hope to have this website tested and verified on Safari for both Mac OS and iOS devices. Generally, the website's design works well and content is being added at a steady rate. There are only a couple of small issues present with the website at this time. There are rendering issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11, and the search box does not want to work on Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is a priority despite it being out of development and usage decreasing.

Compliance testing is conducted with World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) HTML and CSS validators. General state-of-the-website testing is conducted with Silktide's Nibbler tool. Nibbler has become a handy free tool for generating a report about the condition of the website and suggesting tips on how to make my website better.

The creative writing aspect

I have tried to use my own creativity and views on canon events to effectively fill in the blanks in the timeline of Star Trek's prime universe. People will undoubtedly have different views, which is perfectly fine of course. If you are respectful but wish to covet a different perspective/interpretation of Star Trek history that directly conflicts with my interpretation of canon events or my void-filling creative narratives, feel free to email me a request for a friendly discussion surrounding it. One thing I will say is that if I do check my website's email regularly, my priorities will be dealing with issues surrounding the website rather than engaging in conversation. Maybe if this website ever gets big enough, I could try creating a forum. One thing I will ask is if your issue relates to something I have explained on my Notes page (which will be inside the Articles section of the website), please do not email me about it since those decisions are set in stone.

A bit about me

I'm Khalid, a 20-year-old Welsh university student. I spend most of my days watching Star Trek, and doing a lot of programming whilst learning to become a game developer in the process.