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This is a full listing of all sources believed to be used by this website, and some additional acknowledgements.

If you are an owner of content I have used, displayed or adapted for the website and you feel I have not given appropriate credit or you wish to have something of yours removed, please get in contact with me to discuss the situation via email.

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Anything released and proclaimed official by the creators of Star Trek themselves; all televised material and feature films. Generally, canonical information overrules everything else, except in the cases where obscure or well-known-but-stupid details are implausible. All canon sources used so far:


Anything released under license to use the "Star Trek" branding, but are not from CBS or Paramount themselves; comics, games, novels, and reference books, etc. Whilst most non-canon information from reference books is well thought out, information from products likes games tend to be screwed to suit a different and more fun-orientated atmosphere and thus sometimes not logical when viewed from a 'real-world' and rational perspective. All non-canon sources used so far:

Ex Astris Scientia (www.ex-astris-scientia.org)

Neutral Zone (www.neutralzone.de)

Starship Schematics Database (www.shipschematics.net)

Individual acknowledgements

This is a list of individual acknowledgements that do not fall within one of the categories/websites as mentioned above. Some of these acknowlegdements might be explained in their own paragraph at a later date. Despite only being on a list, all acknowlegements are treated equally and highly valued.