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Progress Gallery

15th July 2017: "The Road to Starfleet"

"The Road to Starfleet" was the first completed prototype for the website. At this point, the website wasn't a serious project.

4th August 2017: "Summer Preview"

This was the first image of the website's first compilation as "Starfleet's Path to 2265". The decision to make this website a long term project was made just a few days before.

6th August 2017: "Summer Preview"

These were the earliest screenshots of the website and were posted on one of my personal blogposts explaining my support for Mobile-First web development. The website is completely offline at this point and no one else could access it. The poor choice of colour (that blue) was due to me having a blue light filter installed during the early-to-mid development stage of the website. Whoops.

8th August 2017: "Summer Preview"

This screenshot was from a blogpost explaining an experimental menu, hence this bug where the menu items were overlapping the site logo (which was a UFP banner logo at the time).

30th August 2017: "Test Preview"

This was the first major snapshot of the website that was passed out to a view friends for feedback. Examples of all types of content were now present and the website layout had matured. The biggest unique thing about the website at this point was probably the pronounced menu bar. The website was hosted on an old domain I had lying around (flattopcarriers.uk, no longer active).

5th September 2017: "Test Preview"

These screenshots demonstrated the first search feature implementation.

28th September 2017: "Launch Preview"

This was the website as it was when it was first uploaded unto the current domain, hence it being a "launch preview". The logo was temporarily changed to a clean UFP logo at this time.

5th October 2017: "Launch Preview"

The website's colour was finally changed to a blue that was less polarising. The current logo and layout styling were introduced here.

5th November 2017: "Preview"

After a month of content building, the website's colour was changed again.

29th November 2017: "Preview"

Lots of changes here. The website is now under Git version control with a special design development fork being used, a new mobile menu has finally been added, styling elements are now more uniform, and bugs with layouts have been ironed out.