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United Earth Space Probe Agency

UESPA Emblem

UESPA logo (© Kris Trigwell)

Earth's first extrasolar organisation. The United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA) was responsible for almost all of Earth's early deep space missions. Due to the era's technology, UESPA are among the least sophisticated and slowest ships in Federation's history when viewed by a 23rd Century historian. UESPA were also not heavily armed, even by the period's standard. Despite the UESPA's relative immaturity and technological deficiency, its ships bore a striking similarity in layout and style to even the most modern and advanced Starfleet ships. The Constitution-class ship's multi-hull configuration, nacelle design, placement of its Warp and impulse reactors, and internal layout are all features pioneered or innovated by UESPA ships. The UESPA still exists today as an organ of Starfleet with limited autonomy, and has the ability to exercise a limited amount of control over Starfleet ships.

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