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JavaScript Policy

It is understandable why someone might disable JavaScript; speed concerns, security concerns, or organisation policy. However, parts of this website do rely on JavaScript to give the user a better experience. Whilst it is your right to choose whether you have JavaScript disabled or not, if you wish to have the best experience on this website, please consider enabling JavaScript. I have done my best to ensure the reliance on JavaScript is as minimal as it could be.

If you decide that you want to enable JavaScript, you can go here to learn how to do it.

As part of my openness policy, below is a statement of JavaScript usage on this website:

Side Menu
When the website is being viewed on a mobile or tablet device, a side menu is shown instead of the traditional navigation bar links. The process of openning and closing this side menu is done with JavaScript.
Section Togglers
Various pages inside the Articles, Database, and History section of the website make use of JavaScript-powered togglers to allow the viewer to show or hide a part of those pages. Due to the volume of information on those pages, it was the best solution (short of separating everything into more webpages) for reducing the clutter of information first presented to the viewer. If the viewer has JavaScript disabled, they will not be able to view the information because it is hidden by default.